Saturday, May 16, 2009

tolerance .osi

ny ny

so the clouds of dank thoughts
compressed inside her head
get her steaming again
like a pressure cooker

but she whistles it out
tolerates , lets it go
the vaporous notions
they cook the grains of life

and the controlled burning
leads up to 'nother meal
willing her to survive
the rising systolic

of 42nd street ..

/ original / z.g.


  1. Very creative use of the word "sistolic"

  2. That last stanza is great. Excellently done.

  3. Yes, yes, you are so right 42 does have a systolic rhythm to it. Brilliant !!

  4. How does she endure so much pressure? A miracle of sorts.

  5. This is stunning...magnificent imagery! I truly loved it.

  6. the hiss of steam.
    how well I remember the hydrolic of 42nd street.

    I loved the imagery in this poem.

  7. Oooh, I learnt a new word! Thanks.

  8. How descriptive! I can almost feel the pressure building.

  9. Image full - words of truth and tale.

  10. Loved your creative imagery!

  11. Wow..this just flows..I like how you've captured this- the imagery is fantastic!
    Thanks for you warm comments on my blog too-

  12. Dear zoya--
    I love this poem although the reference to the systolic of 42nd St. doesn't resonate with me, as I haven't experienced it.

    But other systolics, yes. Other diastolics, yes. Gotta have them both.

    Great poem--one of my favorites in your all-star line up.

    Now...big thanks for taking the time and energy to post the info about the mahabarata's nuanced suggestions related to suicide on my post this week. I'm going to digest it more and then respond more fully. But it was helpful, and especially kind of you. Thank you--

  13. excellent poem; I can almost feel the energy of 42nd street~ well done!

  14. Great meal served from the steam of did it well.