Sunday, May 31, 2009


' iris '

watches the writing on the wall
in the gray color of the clouds
the scribbled flashes of lightning
make a veiled threat to his hutment

dyslexic eyes falter with words
unable to read the warning
in plottings of the thunderbolt
and conspiring skies scarcely lit

with the rain gone a rainbow shines
he gazes in fascination
at the seven wonderful shades
of do re mi fa sol la ti ..

/original/ z.g.

[ Dyslexia is a learning disability characterized by problems with reading, spelling, writing, speaking, or listening.
Recent studies have shown that incorporating music in learning can help to increase language skills in children with dyslexia / iris ~ greek goddess of the rainbow ]

( ED - line 3 : the flashes of lightning scribble
line 4 : 'nother veiled threat to his hutment
line 8 : and conspiracies in the sky )


  1. It can sometimes seem so meaningful. I enjoyed this.

  2. Missing the message makes the denouement no less a reality. Wow.

  3. Nice, Zoya. I didn't expect that answer to the situation you were building. I have dyslexia to some extent. Did you know there are degrees of dyslexia?
    I am about half dyslexic, a lot are. I mix my number characters up (get lots of wrong numbers, etc.), can't readily tell left from right, can't match wallpaper, can't visualize (couldn't ever count sheep to go to sleep, I never see any to count), and on.
    There is an advantage, I can work the Jumbo really fast, the words jump out at me, then I have to figure out how to spell them.
    I liked your verse, didn't mean to ramble here.

  4. As a teacher, I know what it means for the child as well as us..

    I like this..

    OSI: the air hisses and crackles

  5. the poem is breathtaking -- the images of the storm, its dark threat contrasted with the rainbow at the end. Thanks for the information about the use of music to treat dyslexia. I know that words and ideas set to music are always easier to learn (that's why pre-literate cultures usually added tunes or rythyms to stories they felt should be preserved - made it easier to remember long stories accurately).

  6. Ah, wonderful - you never fail to offer provocative thoughts! Nice work!

  7. Dear zoya--

    This is a fascinating deconstruction of denouement--

    Have you read Oliver Sacks work? You might enjoy it. And I should write you a dream I had once about the power of music to heal any/all illness.

    Thank you for this lovely piece and your extreme sensitivity to life.

  8. Music is a portal for so many that are shut out or hurting. I vividly remember a mother of an autistic child beginning to sing to him and the walls began to fall. A very close friend, a musician spends his days bringing joy to critically ill children. Music is truly the language of the soul.

    I love the emotional power your imagery brings to the experience.

  9. love how this ends of the notes of the rainbow

  10. Watching the sky takes on a new meaning with this poem....

  11. I love this!!! There is such hope in the ending...and so very true as well! Beautifully done~