Sunday, March 29, 2009

smoke. osi

' fumes '

an arson without fire
minus matchstick or flame
keeps her heart smoldering
as the eyes gather smoke

rings,not always golden #

adrift the rings of grey
are lies being puffed out
of burning cigarettes
forming vicious circles

fumes, in many ways, fog *

cloud on a hill far off
the magic of distance
enhancing the beauty
but one knows volcanoes

have a mind of their own ..


[past cmnt 10 /# *addendum-rings,not always golden/fumes, in many ways,fog]


  1. Many excellent warnings of smoke there. Enjoyed them.

  2. I enjoyed all three especially the smoking eyes.

  3. Wow! to get into the mind of a waiting arsonist-- wonderful. I love the "smoking eyes".

  4. Oh, this is lovely. I especially love 'keeps her heart smoldering as the eyes gather smoke'.

  5. Deborah Godin said...

    " ..OSI smoke - "an arson without fire" What an unforgettable image of the heart! .. "

    March 29, 2009 7:49 AM

  6. zoya--
    this was magnificent, as always--
    and I love your analogy with volcanos, who do, indeed, have a mind of their own--

    thank you

  7. I really like the image of the arsonist sans matches and fire -- suggesting that arson is a state of mind, burning through the world. But I especially liked the lines:
    "but one knows volcanoes/have a mind of their own .."
    For indeed they do.

  8. They most definitely do, and it seems to lie close to the belly of the earth!

  9. This reads to me almost like a trilogy; separate themes bound by the fire image. I want to know more about the stories... intriguing and visual.

  10. Lovely clouds of smoke! Amazing how many ways you've explored that very elusive 'stuff'. Nice work!

  11. I especially like the last one, as volcanoes mesmerizes me.

  12. Lots of lovely lines here. I especially like the "volcanoes have a mind of their own" particuarly juxtaposed with the inner smoldering of the first stanza. Lovely.

  13. Nice. I really love the way you close it out.

  14. Thanks for commenting on my poem. Regarding my name, people know me by this name so I'm hesitant to change it. And I do feel I am still learning about poetry as I go along...and I identify with it strongly because I was such a fledgling when I first started. But thank you for the implied compliment -- I appreciate it!

  15. rings,not always golden
    fumes, in many ways, fog
    have a mind of their own ..

    Zoya was this intentional, or did I find it?
    I liked these, best probably the volcano with its own mind because I have been inside the Mt. St. Helen crater. It was smoldering, waiting..

  16. very moving and a different thought :)

  17. Are you talking about me? ... my name is osi, and i smoke... on youtube, username: osismokes