Tuesday, February 15, 2011


_' cinders '

the word is soft on the senses
its meaning grows upon me
light born of a heated object
so i look at your being
losing myself in your thoughts
till i surface in your irises
a tear like liquid gasoline
dousing the cinders of sorrow
aglow with my agonies
your incandescence


original / zg ..


  1. YEAH!!!! and WOW, this is fabulous and well worth the wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You have such a beautiful way with words.

  2. Visually stunning. I love the images illuminated in each verse.

  3. so tender and full of feeling~

  4. O that we all could be incandescent!
    It has to be special and surely takes two.

  5. Hey, I really like this! Don't know if you're interested, but I run a poetry site at http://www.word-in-the-eye.com/ I would certainly be interested in receiving submissions from you if you were interested! :)

  6. many thanks to teri & everybody..

    [ surely , yes jonathan !

    -- will be posting at ur site very soon .. & thanks for dropping by ! ]

  7. This is very beautiful. A perfect tribute to the prompt. Evocative and romantic.

    My new blog: www.takeahappybreak.com

  8. thanks geraldine ,

    lovely blog name ! ..

  9. Just stopped in to see what's new. Happy Weekend Zoya! I'm glad you like my new happy blog name, hope you stop in soon.

  10. Just a note to say hi. I miss your wonderful poetry. Come play at OSI again.

  11. dear teri,

    always a big joy to hear from you !

    of late i had been tied up with routine household issues and my share of run of the mill ailments - common cold , stomach trouble etc ..

    as soon as i get the chance i will be right there with all u wonderful guys

    , and be sure i miss all of u ..

    forgive the delay in writing

    till then

    warm good wishes ..