Sunday, January 24, 2010

sunny days

' sunflowers '

drop this vacant straw of thought
into a lemonade noon
let the clothes evict dampness
while the seagulls keep diving
for a sun below the sea

let the robins rob the day
a shilling's worth of brightness
and squander it for nothing
on the eldritch rooftops
of forgotten barnhouses

shifted from the pavements
and sidewalks of the city
without the power to act
to speak , think or change things
watch them bloom and wither

like a smile on the faces ..

/ original / z.g.


  1. Let us have such a day! Amazing.

    The first two lines are exceptionally brilliant.

  2. very beautiful imagery!

    let the smile on the faces be as sun-shiny as a sunny day!

  3. I love sunflowers and your poem was such a delightful read as I took in the many images.

  4. zoya--
    I like this poem very much, but it seems very dark--am I reading it well?

  5. hi beth ,

    - i try to read it as a conjunction of dark & light - - based on where we stand the opposite is visible _ i think ur reading is as good as mine ..

  6. Each time I read this, another layer emerges. Your words are brilliant, vivid with imagery and honesty. Beautiful!

  7. Like a smile! This evokes sunny smiles for the reader

  8. dear zoya--
    thank you for clarifying--of course there's light there. I think it must have been a dark day for me while I was reading it.

    Thank you always for your subtlety, your depth, your brilliance that expresses itself in your poetry.

  9. First, thanks for the welcome back. I have missed your beautiful imaginative poems. This is really grabbed me, it is so wonderful.

  10. I read this a couple of times and enjoyed it each time it was read. Your word choices were amazing- I LOVE lemonade noon! Well done!

  11. this is stunning! such a smile and such a day!